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Real Estate Scouting in Mallorca

Scouting of building plots and renovation properties in Mallorca

Are you looking for a plot of land or a property to renovate in Mallorca? No problem! With Kitz Global Living you have the right partner at hand. It all starts with a conversation to understand your wants and needs. Whether it is a finca, an urban project, if the land should already have a building permit so you can start building right away, or if you have time and would like to take the planning into your own hands, we will be with you from the first step until completion.

It is important that the location gives you a positive vibe

Of course, Kitz Global Living already has an extensive portfolio of plots on Mallorca, as we specialize in providing holistic advice and support to clients. If we don't have the right property, we will scout for the right building site for you until we do. And from this point the legal and building feasibility process begins and only once the building permits are obtained, nothing stands in the way of a purchase and the planning steps.

Trust the expertise of Kitz Global Living and just sit back and relax. Throughout this process, there is no cost to you for our service. Our service will be compensated by the seller after the transaction, with the usual brokerage fee.

In this way we are completely independent and you receive a free and transparent service until we have found the right property or renovation property for you.

Our Services

Kitz Global Living - Your advantages with us in real estate scouting:

  • Large portfolio of properties
  • Intensive consulting
  • Transparency
  • Reliability
  • Goal-oriented processes
  • Speed

What does scouting mean in the context of property?

Scouting is the search for the right property, conversion property or, of course, the right house for a customer. Kitz Global Living takes a holistic approach, focussing on the customer's wishes and needs. Kitz Global Living makes pre-selections which are then filtered through to a viewing. Our credo is that the neighbourhood is the first decisive factor and that the right house is already moving towards you.

Can Kitz Global Living also sell my property?

As we also show on our website, Kitz Global Living is a holistic service provider in construction management, construction design and in the structuring of construction processes. Of course, we also have a sales structure to market your property in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as in the USA. We photograph your property with specialists or create renderings on your behalf - even in the early stages of marketing.

We put a lot of energy into marketing your property. We believe in networks and constant communication. We also rely on social media activities, which generate enormous traffic on the Kitz Global Living website.

What are the incidental costs of buying a property in Mallorca?

For a new building, the rule of thumb is 10% tax plus another 4% incidental costs for lawyer, notary and registration fees. For resale real estate, the tax is 8% and the other incidental costs remain the same, in each case based on the acquisition value of the property.

The Kitz Global Living Team is at your disposal 7 days a week! We are happy to advise you personally in real estate scouting in Mallorca. Contact us via e-mail or call us right away!

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