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Your exclusive oasis to dream

Exclusive real estate in Mallorca - Kitz Global Living

Perhaps you are wondering why your desires always lead you back to Mallorca? Because it has become a recurring passion that you simply cannot escape.

Now all you need is the right home that belongs to you.

The objective of Kitz Global Living, as part of the Kitz Global Group, is to identify and satisfy the interests of buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. This means professional communication and, above all, holistic advice and support from day one. Kitz Global Living identifies the needs of our clients and guides them to their dream property by means of our in-depth knowledge and years of experience. With this background we bring together a client’s most important considerations into one service package.

Buying real estate or building a luxury property is always an emotional matter, but is based on factual considerations. So that you can have complete confidence, rely on Kitz Global Living to scout a suitable property for you, advise you on building design or simply guide you to the right luxury real estate.

No matter what you choose, we are on your side together with our professional partners.

Our services

"Luxury real estate is our passion - construction design is our specialty".

Frank M. Andreu, CEO Kitz Global Living

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