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Your exclusive oasis to dream

Building on Mallorca - Stylish, simple and consistent with Kitz Global Living

Perhaps you are wondering why your desires always lead you back to Mallorca? Because it has become a recurring passion that you simply cannot escape. Now all you need is the right home that belongs to you.

Take courage...building on Mallorca is also easy with the right partners.

We will find the right property or renovation project for you in a location that suits you and where you feel comfortable. Perhaps you already have a plot with or without a building project, in which case a big step has already been taken and from here the phase of detailed listening and communication begins.

Once we know you and your needs better, we not only work together to develop your indoor and outdoor design across all trades, but also guide you to the right architect and, above all, the right construction company.

The essence of our service is channelling and accompanying the construction project, as well as finding the right materials and service providers, so that your house becomes your "Unicorn" in a natural and individual way.

Simply contact us and set trust in our capabilities.

Our services

"Luxury real estate is our passion - construction design is our specialty".

Frank M. Andreu, CEO Kitz Global Living

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