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Colonia de Sant Pere

The pearl of Mallorca

Colonia de Sant Pere and Betlem are the last natural paradises of Mallorca, their uniqueness is noticeable the moment you climb the last hill towards the village. There are no hotels here and the villages are framed by a nature reserve. In the northeast of Mallorca, you will find Colònia de Sant Pere (municipality of Artà) about 10 km from Arta. A great place for swimming in crystal clear waters and hiking with gorgeous views. 

Culinary highlights and the most beautiful sunset on Mallorca

Once here, you'll find not only an impressive village setting, and the most beautiful sunset on Mallorca, but also seaside culinary highlights, starting at Es Vivers, a more upscale Italian restaurant, to Sen Bar, where it's very relaxed, to Del Nautico, where you can enjoy Spanish dishes by the marina.

If you want something very special with sea views

A unique village community and corresponding exclusive properties are here waiting for you to discover. This is a village where Mallorcans own a vacation home, with a minimum of tourism and of course Betlem, where only a small settlement intersects the natural environment. Parking in Betlem is not a problem, then walk to one of the neighboring coves. The availability of vacant properties is limited. Thanks to our connections in Colonia, we can still find your dream property.

Colonia de Sant Pere is rated as a "good location" according to sales statistics of recent years. Prices for condominiums range from EUR 4,200 to 8,500 /m2, for houses and villas from EUR 950,000 to 5 million.

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