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Interior and exterior construction design consulting for real estate in Mallorca


What does construction design consulting actually mean?

Kitz Global Living has adopted this terminology over the course of 30 years of experience and we are thus the link between all involved parties when it comes to design development, from the early stages to project completion.

Kitz Global Living always has two approaches when it comes to consulting. A client is either a developer or builder who wants to create the right structural appearance and finishings, so that buyers with high expectations can see their wishes already fulfilled in the purchase property, or a client is a private builder who wants to fulfill a dream of living in Mallorca. Regardless of which group you belong to, our consultation always begins with detailed conversations, where we learn the basic parameters of an architectural concept, so that we then develop proposals in the second step to visualize these concepts with renderings. This does not involve construction planning or construction supervision, which are the tasks of the architect or the construction company, respectively.



Construction design elements for your real estate in Mallorca

Kitz Global Living goes with you on a planning journey in a completely different way. In the construction design & consultation phase, for example, it is a matter of visual axes, how to view your home from the inside out in the context of special window systems, or fixed glazing with steel frames to create depth by means of gentle spatial partitions. The effect and combination of building materials, such as concrete, steel, glass and natural stone. The perfect integration of a kitchen or the corresponding design of bathrooms or living rooms and bedrooms in combination with fireplaces.


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Transitions from indoors to outdoors and the connection of different areas of use in the outdoor area as well as the choice of seating levels are all relevant factors. Walkways, too, not only need to be optimized, but can also become an experience in one's own home.

The design issues are often difficult and can be overwhelming. Neither the contractor nor the architect will deal with these issues in detail, but will expect you to suggest how to implement them.

Kitz Global Living, as the link between you, the architect and contractor, provides the framework to make a building project into an exceptional property.

Our Services

Kitz Global Living - Your advantages in construction design & consulting with us:

  • Thinking and acting "outside the box"
  • Flexible approach processes
  • Visualization

What is building design consulting and prototyping?

Kitz Global Living supports its customers either during the development process of the house design or - if an approved plan is available - we find optimisations in the area of window elements or the room structure. In addition to structural building design advice, we also provide advice on kitchen, bathroom and terrace design. On the one hand, we find suitable companies and products and produce samples so that the customer can make a better decision with visual aids.

What does Kitz Global Living do to visualise optimally?

During the entire consultation process, all details from the construction plan, the kitchen, the bathrooms and floors to detailed colours and much more are documented in order to produce renderings of the house that correspond at least 95% to the reality to be built.

What is special about Kitz Global Living?

What makes Kitz Global Living special is the holistic client support that can begin as early as the scouting of a plot of land or a renovation project. We are not only your permanent representative on Mallorca, but also bring together all the important services for building development and oversee all processes. In addition, Kitz Global Living is a major player in building design development, also with a practical approach through prototyping in the individual trades.

To ensure that your building project is a positive experience, we remain at your side until the building is completed and you have arrived in the harbour of your dreams. We also remain your point of contact in after-sales if you have any further questions.

What services does Kitz Global Living include?

With Kitz Global Living you have a comprehensive offer where you can choose which of the following services you need from us. Usually we are already involved in the early stages of development and then finalise the construction project.

Our services:

  • Offer or scouting of a suitable plot of land or conversion property
  • Selection of the right architect and building application
  • Selection of suitable construction service providers and construction companies
  • Building design advice
  • Prototype construction
  • Building supervision
  • Product advice in the area of entrance doors, window elements, special installations and other trades to make your house a special property
  • Creation of renderings
  • Central contact person on site for all protagonists
  • Advice on building law and tax law issues with our partners
  • Exclusive sale of your property 

Our services are structured and highly personalised, which ensures individual support. Our team can also provide you with multilingual support in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Hungarian.

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