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FAQ - Frequently asked questions and useful information
Buying real estate in Mallorca

What is special about Kitz Global Living?

What makes Kitz Global Living special is the holistic client support that can begin as early as the scouting of a plot of land or a renovation project. We are not only your permanent representative on Mallorca, but also bring together all the important services for building development and oversee all processes. In addition, Kitz Global Living is a major player in building design development, also with a practical approach through prototyping in the individual trades.

To ensure that your building project is a positive experience, we remain at your side until the building is completed and you have arrived in the harbour of your dreams. We also remain your point of contact in after-sales if you have any further questions.

What services does Kitz Global Living include?

With Kitz Global Living you have a comprehensive offer where you can choose which of the following services you need from us. Usually we are already involved in the early stages of development and then finalise the construction project.

Our services:

  • Offer or scouting of a suitable plot of land or conversion property
  • Selection of the right architect and building application
  • Selection of suitable construction service providers and construction companies
  • Building design advice
  • Prototype construction
  • Building supervision
  • Product advice in the area of entrance doors, window elements, special installations and other trades to make your house a special property
  • Creation of renderings
  • Central contact person on site for all protagonists
  • Advice on building law and tax law issues with our partners
  • Exclusive sale of your property 

Our services are structured and highly personalised, which ensures individual support. Our team can also provide you with multilingual support in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Hungarian.

What does scouting mean in the context of property?

Scouting is the search for the right property, conversion property or, of course, the right house for a customer. Kitz Global Living takes a holistic approach, focussing on the customer's wishes and needs. Kitz Global Living makes pre-selections which are then filtered through to a viewing. Our credo is that the neighbourhood is the first decisive factor and that the right house is already moving towards you.

What is building design consulting and prototyping?

Kitz Global Living supports its customers either during the development process of the house design or - if an approved plan is available - we find optimisations in the area of window elements or the room structure. In addition to structural building design advice, we also provide advice on kitchen, bathroom and terrace design. On the one hand, we find suitable companies and products and produce samples so that the customer can make a better decision with visual aids.

What does Kitz Global Living do to visualise optimally?

During the entire consultation process, all details from the construction plan, the kitchen, the bathrooms and floors to detailed colours and much more are documented in order to produce renderings of the house that correspond at least 95% to the reality to be built.

Does Kitz Global Living offer products itself?

Yes, Kitz Global Living has its own minimalist window sliding system in aluminium, HighQFrame, and also produces customised bathroom furniture in microcement. These product units are also part of the building design consultation, from the definition of the visual axes to the matching colour structures on the walls, bathroom and kitchen furniture.

What are the incidental costs of buying a property in Mallorca?

For a new building, the rule of thumb is 10% tax plus another 4% incidental costs for lawyer, notary and registration fees. For resale real estate, the tax is 8% and the other incidental costs remain the same, in each case based on the acquisition value of the property.

What makes Mallorca so interesting?

Mallorca is not just an island in the Mediterranean Sea characterized by plenty of sun and sea, but it also provides a stable living structure. There is not only very good infrastructure in health and education for foreigners, but the island offers in particular a very safe investment environment for real estate, because the island has a special status and thus also guarantees above-average growth rates. On average, real estate values grow by 10% per year, and depending on the location, this can even be exceeded. It is evident that an investment in Mallorca is a good and prosperous decision.

What is a NIE number and why do I need it?

The Foreigner Identity Number or NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) is a consecutive, personal and non-transferable number used for identification purposes. Without the NIE you can buy almost nothing in Spain. For this reason, it is also mandatory for the purchase of a property.

The NIE will be applied for in Spain in person at the General Directorate of Police, the Guardia Civil, at the Immigration Office or at a Spanish Consulate in your home country.

The NIE is valid indefinitely and therefore does not need an extension.

What documents are needed for an NIE application:

  • Passport or identity card for persons from EU member states.
  • The EX-15 application form, filled out in Spanish.
  • Proof of payment of the administrative fee
  • Reason why you need a NIE (e.g. real estate purchase)

What is the process for purchase in Mallorca?

As a rule, you will find a location/place that suits you and then, fortunately, the right property. Once you have decided on a property, a preliminary contract is usually agreed with the seller in order to secure the purchase. For this you do not yet need an NIE number, should this not be available at that time. In this agreement one provides an intention to buy and pays 10% of the purchase value to a notary escrow account. It is recommended to hire a lawyer for these transactions. Kitz Global Living also has appropriate recommendations as far as legal advice is concerned. The next step is to go to the notary once all the requirements for the purchase have been met. By the date of the notary sign-off, that is, the transaction closing date, the full amount must be paid into the notary's account, because with the signature everything goes step by step. I.e., when you have signed, the money goes to the seller at the same moment and you receive your key to immediately move into your new property. 

All entries in the land register are then made by the notary. The lawyer will then give you all the documents, such as Final de Obra, Cedula, the energy certificate, as well as the registration documents themselves.


Do I need a lawyer to buy a property in Mallorca?

You do not necessarily need a lawyer, but it is advisable to involve a lawyer, not only to prepare a preliminary contract, but also to check the legal conformity of a property, if there are any encumbrances. We always work hand in hand with our legal advisors and architects.

Do I have to pay brokerage fees when buying a property in Mallorca?

Buyers do not pay any brokerage fees in Spain, only the seller of the property pays them.

For this reason, Kitz Global Living can provide you with comprehensive advice, you can rely entirely on us instead of having to deal with different brokers.

Can I buy a property in Mallorca as a US citizen?

Absolutely, yes!  There are no restrictions for nationalities from any country to buy real estate in Spain. Both residents and non-residents can buy real estate in Spain: Residential and commercial properties or land in Spain. Americans can stay in Spain without a visa for 90 days and then must return to their home country for 180 days to re-enter for 90 days. Of course, Americans can live in Spain continuously with a visa.

How can I reach Mallorca?

Mallorca is connected by more than 75 airlines to 175 destinations in Europe, Africa and, recently, directly to the United States. The airport in Palma has an annual capacity of 34 million passengers, which means that 400,000 people a day can be handled.

Of course, you also have the option of arriving by ferry from Toulon or Barcelona if you would like to come to the island in your own car. Here it should be noted that the ferry routes Toulon >< Mallorca stop operating between November and March. Barcelona, however, can be reached all year round. There is also the possibility to reach other Balearic Islands like Menorca and Ibiza by ferry.

Alternatively, you can of course reach the island with your private jet or with your own yacht.

Are the utility service charges for a house in Mallorca high?

Basically, the incidental costs for waste disposal and water, as well as sewage are relatively cheap. Only the electricity price is very high and when using air conditioning, this can be shocking. However, you can operate a solar system independently of the electricity provider, which quickly pays for itself. In this case no contractual agreement with the current producer is needed, neither with regard to the connection nor with regard to a minimum sales volume. Here you are completely self-sufficient. However, it is important to check whether you are allowed to simply install a solar system on your roof or on your property!

Can I use e-mobility on the island?

Like everywhere in Europe, e-mobility has also found its way to Mallorca. All current models of e-vehicles, as well as e-scooters can be operated in Mallorca. Of course, the charging network is still patchy, but you can already see more stations, both in the small and in larger cities or parking lots. It is recommended to install a separate charging station in the new exclusive property.

Can I rent out my property?

In principle, you can rent out your property on a permanent basis. However, if you want to rent out your property on a short-term basis, i.e. for vacation stays, you need a license (ETV), which is calculated per bed. The cost per bed is initially 4,000€. However, it is expected that no more rental licenses will be issued until the end of 2025. This situation makes properties with vacation rental license (ETV) very attractive and of course correspondingly expensive.

Is Mallorca dog friendly?

It seems like everyone in Mallorca has two or three dogs and they are rarely excluded even in the restaurants. However, it would be nice if there were greater availability of bags and trash cans to be able to dispose of the dog waste. As a rule, dogs are prohibited on the beaches, the police also check frequently and sanction dog owners with very high fines. However, it has become customary that you can go outside with your dog to one or the other beach during the off season.

What is the infrastructure like in Mallorca?

Regarding the road network, in Mallorca most places are very well connected, you can reach them via a divided highway, or two-lane highway. Also the country roads are very well developed and in the north-east to the north there are even well developed bicycle routes. In addition, Mallorca has a very well-developed bus network and not only around Palma, but over the whole island. Also in Palma a streetcar network is planned to connect all neighborhoods around Palma.

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