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Cala d’Or

The Golden Bay of Mallorca

Cala D'or, one of the oldest seaside resorts on the island. The town of 4,000 inhabitants delights with its flat, white villas. Between the flower-covered houses, small pine groves set green speckles. Despite the perfect infrastructure, the town has retained a great tranquility. It is famous for its marina at Cala Llonga. Around the harbor are grouped stores, pretty boutiques and inviting restaurants like the Port Petit, which still focuses on noble and traditional values. Very good Spanish and French cuisine.

An absolute must-do in Cala d'Or is a day trip to the Parc Natural de Mondrago National Park

Real Estate in Cala D'or

Since Cala d'Or's history is clearly linked to tourism, you will search in vain for historical sights here. Cala D'or is ideal for emigrating to Mallorca and the most beautiful properties are of course located near the beach. The right luxury we are happy to scout for you. Sit back, tell us what you want for a home and we will find it for you.

The average price per square meter for properties around Cala d'Or is 5.000 €/m². If you are looking for luxurious and high quality properties near Cala d'Or, it is also recommended to look at properties in Santanyi and Felanitx.

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